A Patient Engagement Platform

Keeping patients engaged on their devices is where the transformation of the healthcare industry will take place. Qlinic is here to help.


Why It Works

When you enable the patient to be the center of his or her care team wonderful things take place.

Research has shown time and again that both patient and care provider greatly benefit from a patient engaged in his or her healthcare. Patients are more likely to achieve better health outcomes and medical groups reduce cost, improve workflow, increase brand value and awareness and so much more.

improve health outcomes

Increased patient knowledge and understanding encourages them to become actively engaged in their own health, well-being, and healthcare choices, leading to improved care and fewer ER visits.

Achieve Lower Costs

In addition to improving care, patient engagement also has financial benefits as it reduces no-shows, aids in increasing revenue, and maintain your patient base.


Built and designed to work alongside any EHR or PM system.

Qlinic’s core features are the bedrock on which medical groups can build their own patient engagement strategy.

Population Health Management and Patient Engagement continue to be a growing need for medical groups as they’re incentivized to move towards a value-based care system. Patient engagement tools independent of any EHR are few and none forcing many medical groups simply move forward with the limited features provided by their EHR vendor. We believe something as important as Patient Engagement deserves its own platform.

Custom App

A Custom App for patients and medical staff. 


Send appointment reminders, push notifications, emails and text message to patients.


Drive reviews to Google and Yelp to boost your online presence.


Help patients easily navigate through your directory of staff, services and locations.



Achieving better health outcomes and lowering costs.

“The Qlinic platform has helped us boost our online presence by turning happy patients into positive reviews and has been a life-savor for me to communicate with patients on a large scale during the Covid-19 Pandemic.” 

Dan Depew

Chief Communications Officer, Middletown Medical



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